19. What did Param Pujya Morari Bapu say to motivate and bless the people who were about to start their march from Tal Gajarada, Morari Bapu’s village to Gandhiji’s birth place Porbandar?


It was in the presence of Morari Bapu that a public programme was organized to start a march-YATRA- from the village Tal Gajarada. It was planned to build a pond in the village. Its inauguration ceremony was performed with the blessings of Morari Bapu. JCB machines of Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust started the digging work and Morari Bapu said in his speech that people must have awareness about the importance of water preservation.

           Each and every effort must be made to generate this awareness in the people of all the villages. Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust has organized this historical march with the aim of generating in all the people awareness about the importance of water preservation. This march is a kind of awareness campaign. Thousands of people who are participating in this march have no selfish motive to fulfil. They have done the water preservation activities in their village and thereby they have gained a right to advise the people of other villages to launch similar water preservation activities. I have profound faith that the people of all the villages will not only appreciate these sincere efforts of the people taking part in the march but also feel motivated to carry out similar activities in their own village. This march –YATRA- from Tal Gajarada to Porbandar Kirti mandir will be remembered as a historical march. May God give strength and courage to all the marchers, and may God bless the mission with glorious success. Bapu also said, “You are starting this holy march from my village, I will also join in the march upto the border of the village.” Morari Bapu joined in the march with 1500 marchers and came with us to the border of the village. It was a very touching scene for all the marchers. He blessed all the people and when he was returning to his village he paused for a while and met everyone individually.