20. Who were the persons participating in a 20 days march from Tal Gajarada to Porbandar?

20The march from Tal Gajarada to Porbandar was indeed a historical march. 1000 people stayed in the march from start to finish. Most of these marchers were the members of various water preservation village committees. As they had successfully done the water preservation activities in their own village, they had a moral right to persuade others to start similar activities in their village too. They tried to explain to them the positive and profitable outcomes of the water preservation project. Some social leaders who were seriously worried about the issue of water management had also joined in this march. All these people stayed in the march for 20 days. Moreover everyday 500 persons from cities such as Surat, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Mumbai as well as from various villages joined in the march. Some people stayed in the march for 1 day and some stayed for 2 days. Some teenage students from Panchvada village of Jasdan district also joined in the march. The number of such teenage students was 25. The remaining marchers were elderly persons. Moreover many politicians and officers remained present in the night programs organized during the march. The media people also stayed in the march. They prepared the reports of everyday’s events and gave them wide media coverage. All the marchers strictly followed the rules of the march. The march was proceeding in a disciplined way. The aim of this march was to generate in all the people awareness about the importance of water preservation. All the marchers were happy and enthusiastic as they had acquired an invaluable opportunity to be a part of this awareness campaign.