The Government had noticed that an intense awakening was taking place among the people residing in these region about the importance of water, several social workers and service – oriented Non Government Organization ( NGOs) had undertaken several water conservation projects in these regions by collecting voluntary contributions from the people for harvesting rainwater to recharge ground water which can be utilized for drinking and agricultural purposes. Their efforts and results have been overwhelmingly successful. With this background, the GOG launched Sardar Patel Participatory Water Conservation Project (SPPWCP).

In response to several representations from members of legislative Assembly, people of the region, and the NGOs, the government, therefore, decided to earmark funds from the Budgetary provisions to take up these people oriented works on a sufficiently large scale with the active participation of people SPPWCP project was approved to initiate construction of check dams, renovation of village tanks and ponds, and construction of recharge wells with partnership between the Government and the beneficiary people.

The project has been implemented in several phases on basis of experience gained; representations received from the people / NGO’s, recommendation of the I.I.M. Ahmedabad’s reports etc.