24. What type of literature did you prepare to propagate the news of the Water Preservation Project far and wide?

24In 1998 I prepared 2 video vans equipped with a 58” T.V. in it and by 2005 people of more than 3000 villages could watch on this T.V. a Water Preservation Model successfully launched in a number of ideal, motivational villages. I also distributed a number of booklets providing adequate information about the Model:

Banishment to Drought-DUKAAL NE DESHWATO

Inauguration of a Green Revolution

Let’s All Build Check-Dams together

A Water Preservation Model

And other booklets giving useful information about the Water Preservation Model

I distributed more than 50 lac copies of these booklets in a large number of villages.

             I also got these booklets translated into English and Hindi for other states and distributed 20000 copies of these translated booklets. I also got Audio cassettes prepared. These cassettes had a variety of songs describing the importance of water and its preservation. More than 1 lac cassettes were distributed in a large number of villages. We also produced TV films with famous TV artists paying roles in them and these films were telecast serially on Astha and other TV channels for a long time. We also arranged its Live Demo in a number of agricultural Melas. More than 50000 VCDs showing and explaining the Water Preservation Model in details were distributed. Lacs of postcards carrying the message of this important Water Project were sent far and wide. Live discussion programmes on the Water Preservation Project were telecast on many TV channels. Lacs of banners and hoardings giving the adequate information about the telecast date and telecast time of the programme were made.

          Reading the news of the sad demise of a person in a newspaper, we would write a letter of condolence to the bereaved family and also pay a respectful homage to the departed. But along with the letter we would also make an appeal to the family to build a pond or a check-dam in the memory of the departed. During the last 15 years we have written more than 1 lac letters in this way. Moreover in the last 15 years we have posted a large number of Diwali Greeting Cards. Again with the greeting cards we attached appeals such as “Preserve Water”, “Save Daughters”. Every year more than 50000 Greeting Cards are sent to the people connected with the Trust. We have made sincere and dedicated efforts to propagate the Water Preservation Project with its details through TV, Press, and Electronic media. In addition to this, the website of Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust and social media have played an important role in the propagation of the news of this priceless Water Project across the country.