30. How much land of various types is there in Gujarat?


The figures of arable land, forest land, pastoral land and other land in Gujarat are as follows:


Various types of land in Gujarat

Land Hectares
Forest Land 18,61,200
Waste land or barren land not suitable for cultivation 26,04,000
Land used for purposes other than agriculture 11,38,400
Arable or cultivable land but not cultivated 19,73,700
Pastoral land suitable for gazing 8,49,000
Land not regarded as or included in thickets or forest land 4,000
Uncultivated land 7,59,000
Other uncultivated land 24,100
Arable land suitable for cultivation 95,99,500
Total land of Gujarat 1,88,12,900

According to the government statistics 51% land is arable land suitable for cultivation. In the remaining 49% of land are included forest land, grazing or pastoral land, not cultivated land and other land.