32. What are the benefits of Drip Irrigation Method in agriculture?


The benefits of Drip Irrigation Method are as follows:

  • Saves water and improves water use efficiency.
  • Reduces weeding cost.
  • Reduces cost of cultivation.
  • Fewer fertilizers are required, so it reduces cost of fertilizers.
  • Reduces pesticides cost.
  • Water distribution is highly uniform. Plants do not suffer from stress or strain of less or over watering.
  • Each and every plant gets fertilizers in equal proportion.
  • Ensures equal growth of each and every plant.
  • Crops get ready earlier.
  • There is a remarkable increase in the agricultural production.
  • Ensures good quality of crop.
  • The farmer doesn’t need to go to his farm at night.
  • Permits harvesting to continue while irrigation is going on.
  • Reduces the use of energy.
  • Controls salinity of the soil.
  • There is little water loss due to runoff or evaporation.
  • Saves a large quantity of water so farmers can face one drought without suffering loss.
  • Crop failure due to irregular rain doesn’t take place.
  • Ensures maximum crop yield.

If Drip Irrigation method is adopted extensively, our country can experience a great revolution in the field of agriculture. It has benefits galore.