33. In how many hectares of arable land in Gujarat is Drip Irrigation Method adopted?


There are 96 lac hectares of arable land in Gujarat. At present Drip Irrigation Method is adopted in 11.55 lac hectares only. The coverage of area under Drip Irrigation Method is not appreciable, but the awareness of farmers about this technology is increasing day by day. In certain villages of Gujarat the coverage of area under Drip Irrigation Method is 100%; in some other villages it is 25%. For the last five years farmers have started to realize the innumerable benefits of Drip Irrigation Method. I have absolute faith that in the coming 10 years each and every farmer of Gujarat will be willing to adopt Drip Irrigation Method. In South Gujarat farmers have been getting water from the dams in sufficient quantity, so they have been using the method of Flood Irrigation. As a result the land has been damaged. On account of soil erosion, fertilizer and nutrient loss, the fertility and productivity of the soil has decreased. In order to stop this degradation of this soil only one solution is left and that is ‘Adoption of Drip Irrigation Method.’ Farmers have been realizing the benefits of Drip Irrigation Method over Flood Irrigation Method. They are now aware about the advantages of Drip Irrigation Method. Hence they have realized that Drip Irrigation Method is today’s need and now they are willing to adopt it.

Just as over eating causes indigestion, excessive water supplied to the land is sure to spoil or damage the land. A large quantity of water is wasted and the cost of cultivation multiplies. Looking at all these things farmers have to adopt Drip Irrigation Method.