34. What type of co-operation was given by Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust to Water Conservation Village Committees?


Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust has co-operated with village committees in a number of ways. We had our own technical staff to help and support village committees in making proper designs of check-dams and ponds as well as preparing files. They also helped the village committee members in presenting those files in the proper sections of the government offices. They also provided them with necessary technical guidance. In order to awake the farmers we took them to the motivational, modern villages so that they might observe the Water Conservation Model over there and get inspiration to make their own village a model village of Water Conservation. The Trust also appreciated these model villages by gifting them 2000 cement bags in the first three years. There were 200 model villages in all. Moreover the Trust purchased cement bags in a large quantity so that every village committee might get cement at low, discounted rates. We continued this procedure for years. Village committees were in need of JCB machines to construct ponds and check-dams. In order to satisfy this need we purchased 40 JCB machines with the financial support of our friends involved in the diamond business and allowed the village committees to use those machines without giving any rental charges. They were required to arrange only for diesel on their own. We continued our dedicated and tireless efforts to see to it that the implementation of the government schemes should not be delayed and the government should allot more funds to these schemes and the village committee should get these funds in time. This is how our Trust helped and co-operated with village committees.