36. For 13 years Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust gave JCB machines to village committees and farmers for constructing check-dams and ponds. Evaluate this help in terms of rupees.


Five tractors are needed with one JCB machine. The Trust had 40 JCB machines, so 200 tractors were needed every day. For 13 years the JCB machines and tractors were kept operational in many villages, and in these activities no support was sought from the government.

The soil which was dredged out while digging a pond was as good as fertilizer. It was given to the farmer at 25% of its actual price. The farmer filled this soil in his field and the amount paid by the farmer was used by the village committee to pay for the diesel used in tractors and JCB machines of the Trust. Thus two purposes were served simultaneously-ponds of the village were made deeper and the fertile soil acquired by dredging the pond was used by farmers in their fields. Its positive outcome was that there was a remarkable rise in the agricultural production of the farmer. Besides, water was acquired for agriculture and people could get drinking water. For 13 years all these machines of the Trust and tractors of the farmers were kept operational for building ponds, check-dams and farm-ponds. If we evaluate this work in terms of rupees the figure will be simply enormous. This enormous work was accomplished by the JCB machines of Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust.