37. Water conservation activities were accomplished on a massive scale between 1995 and 2014. Every village acquired a great rise in its agricultural production. Has this increased production generated job opportunities?


India is an agricultural country. If its agricultural production increases, farmers get richer rewards , labourers can earn better wages, the business of businessman thrives and all these positive effects result in an all round development of the village. Many job opportunities are generated. With the progress in the field of agriculture a demand for fertilizers, seeds, insecticides, farming tools and all the things related to farming goes up. Besides, many other requirements are generated. All these demands or requirements give rise to job opportunities. Lacs of people get jobs and are able to earn their living. The machinery required in the Food Processing Industry generates many job opportunities for others. If agricultural production is on the increase, the transport business gets a big boost and many more job opportunities are generated. Transport service is required to shift agricultural products from the farm to the processing industry and then to the consumer. Export of agricultural products brings foreign exchange into the country. The government collects a lot of income through various taxes levied on all these industries. Thus a rise in the agricultural production plays a major role in the all round development of the country. Proper water management leads to an enormous rise in the agricultural production and this rise enriches the farmer and raises his standard of living. It raises the standard of living of the labour class, business people, people involved in transport business and people related to food product industries.

Living standards of many people rose dramatically with a rise in the agricultural production. As the financial stability of these people got better, they were able to educate their children well; they could afford to get medical treatment if anyone in the family was not well. They could purchase a house of their own to live in. Isn’t it a wonder to see that proper water management ultimately leads to the welfare and prosperity of the whole mankind. So the starting point is proper water management. It can bring us plenty of rich rewards. Hence the central government and the state government should allot a good budget for better water management. We can usher in still greater revolutions through the development of agriculture.