Overwhelming Response

Appropriateness, innovativeness, and attractiveness of the features and procedure of the scheme can be judged by the overwhelming response it received from people groups. Against the total of 25314 applications received by the end August 2000, 18495 applications were sanctioned, and 10257 works were actually completed.

The first phase received very good response in Saurashtra region. In the very first monsoon more than 7000 check dams had overflows. Farmers benefited immensely from increased crop production. However there were some suggestions for improvement. Hence with a few changes, the Government launched phase II of SPPWC Project. The period of second phase was from 21-06-2001 to 31-03-2003.

There were some further suggestions for improvement of the scheme. Hence with a few changes, the Government launched phase III of SPPWC Project. The period of third phase was from 01-04-2003 to 31-03-2005.

In phase III, the contribution from beneficiary farmers is 40 % of the total cost of the check dam. In tribal areas contribution from farmers is 20 %. Technical guidance is offered by the State Government.

Only recently The Government of Gujarat has declared the fourth phase of the programme from 01-04-2005 with 80 percent government contribution and 20 percent people’s contribution (80:20) all over the state. With contribution from the proposer being 20 percent, overwhelming welcome from farmers has been received to this scheme in the entire state.

With people’s participation about 50000 check dams costing Rs. 900 Crores have been constructed and the State Government has decided to construct one Lac check dams in next 5 years. Every year 10,000 check dams would be constructed.