42. Water Conservation Program increased the income of the village people. Could basic welfare activities be performed by people’s partnership alone?


The primary needs of a village are as follows:

  • Roads
  • Drainage system
  • Street lights
  • Supply of pure drinking water
  • Cleanliness
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and clinics for medical treatment
  • Libraries and religious places
  • Co-operative society building
  • Panchayat ghar
  • A hall for social events such as marriages
  • Gardens

Most of these needs are satisfied through the various schemes of the government. Achieving rural development through the efforts of the people alone is very tough. Even then some sensible and wise people of the village have accomplished many rural development actions by taking the benefits of the government’s welfare schemes. The Water Conservation Project had one more positive impact- it unified the people of all the castes and created an environment of unity and harmony in the village. In such villages all the people of the village participate in rural development and government’s welfare schemes are implemented successfully and properly. Religious places and schools are constructed from the funds collected by the people alone. If the leading persons of the village are good and sincere, if they are able to develop an excellent rapport with one another and if the people are willing to be helpful, that village is sure to go ahead on the road to success and progress. In such an ideal village many development actions are accomplished smoothly and easily.