43. Was there a rise in the production of milk when water conservation solution was found and implemented?


Gujarat can boast of more milk production than other states. Its credit goes to Dr. Verghese Kurien. It was through his sincere and efficient efforts that a very sound and strong infrastructure was built for milk collection, milk processing and milk distribution by the establishment of Amul Dairy. As a result the milk producing people could get good rates for their milk products. Gradually milk production was on the increase. With this rise in milk production, he launched a network of dairies all over the country. Milk and milk products were sold through these dairies. The efficient and dedicated staff connected with all the dairies, performed their duties, following the guidelines of Dr. Verghese Kurien. They were successful in ushering in a white revolution.

Thanks to The Water Conservation Project – a considerable rise was noticed in the water level and the quality of water also improved. As check-dams were built on the Uben river in Dhandhusar village of Junagadh taluka, water level came up. I called 2 meetings in that village. While taking our meal at Kalabhai Seedhal’s place, the ladies told us-

“As we have constructed check-dams and ponds in our village, water level has come up in our village. The quality of water has improved. As our buffaloes are getting sweet and better water to drink, their milk yield has grown and the quantity of butter that we get from milk has also increased.”

Compared to South Gujarat, milk production was less in Saurashtra, Kutch, and North Gujarat. But on account of the successful implementation of The Water Conservation Project, not only agricultural production but also milk production is on the rise in Saurashtra.