44. Did agricultural production play any role in the increasing prices of farmers’ land?


Before 1990 every 3 years farmers had to face a drought. All water was exhausted from the land and it was not possible to do farming without water. The farmer was deeply in debt. He could not discharge his duties towards his family. He could not manage the wedding ceremony of his children. He had to live a tense, stressful life. At last he was forced to give in and sell away his land in order to repay his debts. Then The Water Conservation Project was successfully accomplished in many villages. It had many positive impacts-

  • Water level came up
  • Agricultural production increased
  • Crop failure due to irregular rain stopped
  • Farmers’ helpless dependence on rain stopped
  • Even if the rainfall was not sufficient he could cultivate his land using the stored ground water
  • The total crop production was on the increase and it was rising every year

Hence the farmer who adopted the modern techniques of farming became financially sound and stable. Realizing that farming on a larger area of land was always more beneficial and profitable, the aware and efficient farmers started purchasing land. Consequently the prices of agricultural land increased. Simultaneously the prices of land in the city also shot up. The villages could not remain unaffected by these rising prices of land in the city. The prices of land in the villages close to the city also increased. Farmers who were financially stable and sound purchased that land. These were the reasons behind the rising of land-prices but the main reason was an enormous rise in the total crop production.