49. Does the water conservation village committee try to plant trees?


In each and every meeting our agenda consists of 3 issues-

  • Water conservation
  • Drip Irrigation Method
  • Plantation of trees

In 1997 the water conservation committee of Khopala planted 85000 trees and inspired them to grow more trees. People were sensible enough to take adequate care of those trees. More than 50% trees grew fully. Similarly in all the villages the village committee plants trees. Trees are planted on both the sides of the road, on the PADAR of the village. Trees are also planted on the flood walls of check-dams and ponds, on the uncultivated land of the village and on the uncultivated land on the border of the field (SHEDHA).

The water conservation committee of Akala village has planted many NEEM trees on the boundary of the village and thus has made it a NEEM VAN. Similarly trees have been planted in many villages. Sensible and aware people understand that trees have a very positive, healthy effect on the environment. All the villagers have realized the importance of trees. Many farmers removed trees like BAVAD from the border of their village and planted NEEM trees. In some programs guests are honoured by the ceremony of plantation of trees. People take good care of trees. Many programs are organized in villages in order to bring awakening about the importance of trees. A remarkable increase can be seen in the number of trees in Saurashtra, Kutch and North Gujarat. Barren lands have now become green. Each and every citizen must cultivate awareness about the importance of trees. He must leave no stone unturned to preserve trees, to plant trees and thus to try to maintain a pure, fresh and green environment in the village.