50. How can a modern progressive farmer be more beneficial to the people?


A modern farmer, who is well versed in and has adopted the modern methods of farming, must discuss its benefits with other farmers. When this modern farmer visits exhibitions related to agriculture, he should take other farmers of the village with him. In this way all the farmers of the village can update their knowledge of all the aspects of agriculture. They can be acquainted with the up to date information about modern tools and new seeds used by progressive farmers. An ideal, progressive farmer can persuade other farmers to adopt new techniques of farming. He can motivate them to change with the changing times and update their farming methods. Thus modern, progressive farmers should form a group or a committee in which farmers’ problems can be discussed and solved. If a group or a committee of farmers is formed, farmers can acquire a better price for their agricultural products. Moreover they can easily benefit from the government’s subsidy schemes and from various types of help from the government. When the farmer is not able to sell his agricultural products at a good price that he expects to get, he can store his products in a godown and get a bank loan in proportion to the price of his products stored in the godown. When the demand for his products rises in the market, he can sell them at his expected price. If various things such as agricultural tools, seeds, insecticides, fodder for the animals and other things for the farmers’ basic needs are purchased by the committee on a wholesale basis, they can acquire good quality things at a reasonable price. If things are purchased in bulk, transport charges are reduced. But if a single farmer tries to purchase things from the market, he may get low quality products at higher prices. He can be deceived. This committee can also form a PIYAT committee for proper water management. This PIYAT committee can help farmers to cultivate and irrigate their fields by Drip Irrigation Method. Thus the committee can help the farmer to use very small quantities of water to the utmost efficiency and in this way conserve water and acquire maximum agricultural production. A sensible farmer should think that he has been gifted by God with special talent and strength and he must give its benefit to other common farmers also. Such gifted and efficient farmers should feel happy and proud to guide and support other ordinary farmers. Isn’t our heart filled with joy when we help and guide and support others? Kindness is always the greatest source of bliss. So each and every gifted farmer should always be willing to help others as God expects him to be helpful to others. His committee should be ready to help and guide and support all the farmers of the village. This will lead the village to development and progress and prosperity. The development of one village through the committee of gifted farmers will be a model for other villages also. They will also form such committees with the help of modern gifted farmers of their own village and take their village to the destination of progress and prosperity. Thus an all round development of all the villages will make the whole nation incredibly strong. The modern farmers’ activeness and alertness can usher in a great revolution in the whole nation.