51. What role should the village people play in motivating the leading persons of the village to work for rural development?


The person, who has dedicated his life to the development and progress of his village, deserves absolute faith and trust of the whole village. When such devoted persons are forced to face false accusations, their strength and efficiency begin to decline. His family members are also inclined to dissuade him from devoting his selfless services to the village. They stop him from doing his selfless activities of village welfare and advise him to devote more time to his own farming. The benevolent person is not appreciated for his selfless service. Their welfare activities inspired by the love of their village and their country deserve sincere appreciation and praise but unfortunately they are criticized. People thoughtlessly blame them and make senseless statements. They remark –“Their actions are actuated by selfish motives and not by motives of kindness”! Not only this… people recklessly accuse them of dishonesty and corruption! How sad! At last those selfless, benevolent leaders give up their path of service. This is a severe blow to the development of the village.

But mature and sensible people of the village always try to motivate such leaders by sincere appreciation of their welfare activities. They also admire those kind leaders before their family members, “He is the pillar of the whole village. He is playing a leading role in the development of the whole village. How hard he struggles! Hats off to him! He has the special ability to keep all the farmers united. He is so dynamic and smart that by making proper presentation in the government’s office he successfully avails the village of the government’s development schemes. He remains in contact with all the native people of the village who have settled in cities and are financially very sound. He awakens in their hearts, love for their native village, and motivates them to extend their monetary support for the development of their village. He manages all these funds not only efficiently but also very honestly and transparently and accomplishes many activities for the development of the village. Our village is indeed fortunate to get a leader like him.”

When his family members realize that all the villagers are profusely praising him for his efficient and selfless activities, they feel proud and their joy is simply boundless. Its positive outcome is that they inspire the gifted leader of the family to go ahead with his noble deeds of kindness and service. They also take up the entire responsibility of the family and household duties. They tell him, “It is your selfless noble activities that have paved the way for our village’s progress and prosperity. You have made us hold our head high. You should take care of the whole village-its progress and its welfare. We will look after the family. When the gifted leader gets this loving support, assurance, and encouragement from his family, he feels very happy. Family’s motivation gives a wonderful boost to his confidence, his strength and his efficiency. Then he proceeds ahead to serve his village and to work day and night for the welfare and progress of his village, tiding over all the problems coming in his way.”

This gifted leader should be appreciated, honoured, motivated and supported by the village people also. If the village people motivate him, he will work more efficiently and willingly. People should pay respect to such gifted leaders in various religious and social programs held in the village. Again and again the village people should try to give expression to their feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the leader. Just as a motor bike needs petrol to run, the leader of the village needs encouragement to keep going.