53. Rivers of the country have been polluted. Is it possible to purify them?


A very firm and systematic planning is required to purify all the polluted rivers of the nation. In order to carry out this huge mission of purification of all the rivers, officers and persons in authority have to work sincerely. There are three main reasons why a river gets polluted-

  • Rivers receive the sewage of the city through drainage lines
  • Industries such as GIDC release their waste products and chemicals into rivers
  • Some false religious beliefs or superstitions

Rapid industrial development has resulted in an increasing demand for water. They are provided with crores of gallons of water from the reservoir connected with a dam. Hence farmers of that area do not get water from that dam. An alternate arrangement should be made to supply pure water for farming. Rivers should be purified by means of good-quality machinery and then their water should be provided to farmers through pipelines so that they can do farming, adopting Drip Irrigation Method. If this arrangement is made, farmers will not make use of ground water for farming. As a result water level will not go down; rivers will get more of soft and filtered water as dirty water will not mix with their water. Their water will be pure. We should make each and every effort to save rivers from getting contaminated or polluted. All types of idols, withered flowers and garlands, and CHUNDADIS should not be immersed in rivers, as this immersion also pollutes the river. People should be awakened to this fact.

The purification of rivers should be treated as a problem of the utmost importance; it should receive the earnest and urgent attention of the authorities. We must work towards keeping rivers as clean as possible. The aware citizens of the country should be determined to achieve the target of purification of rivers. The authorities should form up to date, modern techniques of purifying rivers. These techniques should not remain on paper only but should be implemented with sincerity and dedication. All the people of the nation should also get ready to give their co-operation in this important mission. These collective efforts of the authorities and common citizens will surely result in successful purification of all the rivers in about 5 years.