55. Why did you decide to do the ‘Wonderful Mahayagya’ connecting all the villages of Saurashtra in the drought of 2012?


With the passage of time, the design of a program needs to be changed. Water conservation mission started from 1998. As time rolled by, the problem of water stress was solved gradually. But unfortunately people’s awareness of the importance of water conservation also went on declining. Then the year 2012 faced a destructive drought. So it became compulsory to give top priority to the problem of water stress. We arranged a wonderful program to revive the people’s awareness of the mission of water conservation. Its main points were as follows:

  • People’s awareness of the importance of water conservation
  • Adoption of Drip Irrigation Method in each and every farm
  • Getting rid of unused bore-wells
  • Launching of Kalpasar program as early as possible
  • Permission to raise the height of the Narmada dam and installation of gates on the dam
  • 115 dams and rivers of Saurashtra should benefit from the Narmada dam

In order to achieve these 6 targets, we planned this program called ‘Saurashtra Narmada Jal Avtaran Jan Jagruti Mahayagya’. The venue of the program was near the Bhadar dam in Devada village of Gondal taluka in Central Saurashtra. The format of the program was designed, keeping in view these 6 points. The details of the program were as follows:

  • It was planned to perform a Yagya on the site
  • Pitchers (KALASH) were distributed taluka wise
  • A little soil from each and every pond and river of all the villages was placed into that pitcher and a little red auspicious powder (SINDOOR) from the village temple of Lord Hanuman was also put into the pitcher. This symbolized our effort to connect all the villages of Saurashtra
  • YATRA reached the venue with a large number of cars carrying Narmada water
  • A very splendid and huge idol of Lord Hanuman was placed on the pedestal.
  • A large exhibition, explaining and demonstrating all the details about water conservation, was arranged

A special meeting was organized in order to discuss how the program could be greatly successful. Representatives from 4800 villages of Saurashtra remained present in the meeting. All the volunteers willingly shouldered the responsibility of their own villages. They sent the necessary literature and pamphlets to their villages. There were more than 10000 banners in Saurashtra. 14 programs were organized at different places in Saurashtra as a preparation for the final mega program. Hats off to the workers and volunteers of Saurashtra who worked day and night for 8 months in various awareness campaigns and made the final mega program a huge success.