58. Can we conserve water if we use high quality seeds that ensure faster growth of crop?


If crops get ready earlier than the usual time, farmers have to irrigate the field for a shorter time. The crops, that got ready in 120 days, now got ready in only 90 days. Naturally the farmer has to irrigate his field for a shorter time, hence the quantity of water required also decreases and water is saved. Our agricultural scientists have been doing research on more than 4000 types of seeds sown by farmers. Enormous are the benefits of their research-we get 3 times more crops in a shorter span of time! Our scientists have labored hard to do research-work in agriculture and thus encouraged farmers to adopt modern technology-based farming methods. But even this research is not sufficient. Still many more new inventions are required to usher in a revolution in the field of agriculture.

We can support water-management program if farmers get crops to grow faster.  If crops reach 100% growth in a shorter time, they will need water for a shorter time. Hence water will be saved.

Researches must be made to find out innovative farming methods that will minimize the use of pesticides. Today people are inclined to choose organic food. Hence it is today’s need that researchers must explore and find out innovative farming methods and seeds that ensure a minimal or no usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers should refrain from using fertilizers and insecticides. Scientists should invent such seeds as would minimize the use of fertilizers and insecticides.