59. How much rise can be noticed in domestic water-consumption?


Years ago very little quantity of water was used for domestic consumption. Most of the families had no lavatories at home and people had to defecate in the open. He did not take a bath daily; instead he took a bath once in a week, sitting at the bank of a river or a pond. He didn’t change his dress daily, so he had not to wash his clothes daily. He didn’t take his meal in a dish, so very little water was used for cleaning utensils. Nor did he require much water for cleaning the house as it had cow dung floors.

Man, who used to defecate in the open years ago, has a toilet in the house today, so he requires 20 times more water for flushing toilets. Man who used to take a bath once in a week has a bathroom to take a bath, so he requires 50 times more water for bathing. He takes his meal in a number of plates and bowls, so he requires 25 times more water for cleaning his utensils. He uses 99 times more water to clean his house and 25 times more water for brushing his teeth and for shaving. In the past man never used water filters or water purifiers to get pure water. Today every family has a filter or a water purifier installed in the house and man gets pure water, but 40% water has to be wasted for getting pure filtered water. In those days no water was needed for washing vehicles; today a lot of water is needed to wash vehicles. In the pre-independence era 30 crore people lived a simple life, using very small quantity of water. Today if 125 crore people use the same quantity of water, 4 times more water is required. But today 125 crore people require 50 times more water for domestic consumption! Modern life style demands much more water. The whole world is worried about water scarcity problem. Some intellectuals say that the root cause of the next world war will be nothing but water. So it is today’s need that we must not waster even a single drop of water. We must conserve water. In our daily life we must learn each and every new method to minimize our requirement of water for domestic consumption.