41. As you say, agriculture generates job opportunities in a variety of fields. But can you list all the job opportunities generated by any one particular agricultural product?

I will list job opportunities created by the agricultural product-cotton.


  • First of all, land has to be cultivated for growing cotton. Tractors and other farming instruments are required for the cultivation of land. So companies manufacturing tractors and farming instruments as well as their dealers acquire an opportunity of earning money.
  • Those who purchase tractors rent out their tractors to farmers for cultivating the field. They earn money from rent.
  • If farmers adopt the Drip Irrigation Method, they need pipes, machinery and submersible motors. Hence companies manufacturing these things as well as agents and dealers dealing in these things acquire an opportunity of earning money.
  • Seeds, fertilizers and insecticides are required to grow cotton. Insects reduce the yield and also lead to delay in crop development. So insecticides are required. Hence companies manufacturing these things and merchants as well as agents dealing in these things acquire an opportunity of earning money.
  • Cotton can be shaded out easily by weeds. If weeds begin to overpower the seedling cotton, drastic reduction in yield can result. Farmers need to hire workers for weeding and for collecting cotton.
  • Laborers are paid in proportion to the weight of the cotton collected by them. It means that cotton has to be weighed. So weighing machine industry thrives.
  • Tempos are hired to shift cotton from the farm. Tempo owners have an opportunity of earning money.
  • The farmer sells his cotton to the merchant through an agent. So both the merchant and the agent earn money.
  • The merchant sells this cotton to ginning mills where the process of separating cotton fibers from the seeds takes place. Hence ginning mills industry and transport service flourish.
  • Oil mill owners purchase cotton seeds. Here cotton seeds are crushed and oil is extracted from the seeds. All the people connected with oil business get a chance of earning money.
  • Companies manufacturing packing materials also earn money.
  • Cotton fabric manufacturing starts with the preparation of yarn. Yarn weaving companies purchase cotton and raise a number of work opportunities. Transport business is sure to get a rise as yarn, cotton, etc. have to be shifted.
  • Cotton fabric mills need yarn to make fabric. So mill owners purchase yarn from yarn merchants and make fabric, giving rise to a number of job opportunities.
  • From cotton mills, fabric is shifted to dyeing houses where knitted fabric is dyed. All the people working in dyeing houses or connected with the dyeing industry get a number of opportunities of earning money. Merchants deal in dyed fabric. Lakhs of people get an opportunity to earn money.


  • Some portion of fabric goes for embroidery. Those who embroider fabric get an opportunity of earning money.
  • Merchants dealing in cotton fabric get business. People go to tailors for stitching their garments. Thus earning opportunities are created for tailors.
  • Tailors hire workers for buttoning their shirts, blouses, etc. So those workers also get an opportunity of earning money.
  • There is a vast business of second hand clothes in our country. People dealing in second hand clothes get opportunities of earning money. At last these old and worn out rags serve as fertilizers and are absorbed into the land.
  • In this long journey from cotton to worn out rags , a number of people acquire job opportunities. Some people manufacture processing machines and some people make farming instruments or tools. All these tools, instruments and machines require servicing at regular intervals. Hence those who are involved in providing service and transport get an opportunity to earn money.
  • In a nutshell, agriculture is capable of generating a number of job opportunities. Water plays a very important role in agriculture. If we give adequate attention and importance to water management, we can avail ourselves of many job opportunities generated by agriculture.