61. What should the people do to start discussions about the ‘Pipelines Network Program’?

If we wish to successfully implement the ‘Pipelines Network Program’, if we wish to usher in this historical revolution, a continuous and special communication should take place between the government and the people. An excellent rappot between the government and the people should be established. Farmers should be motivated to acquire reservoir water through a network of pipelines and to irrigate their field using Drip Irrigation Method. Reservoir water should be directed to flow through canals; from canals it should flow through a network of pipelines to the fields where the farmer should use it to irrigate his field by means of Drip Irrigation Method. All the farmers should understand and accept that reservoir water should be directed to flow through canals and then through a network of pipelines extended to the farmer’s fields where the farmer should irrigate his field by Drip Irrigation Method. Every village should have an irrigation MANDLI and each MANDLI should consist of 20 farmers. It should be planned that each MANDLI should get reservoir water for irrigation through this network of pipelines. This scheme should be the focus of each and every discussion going on in the village. Farmers should present this important issue to their political representative. Informed and intellectual people should repeatedly describe the profits of the scheme of getting reservoir water for irrigation through a network of pipelines. People should continue discussing the advantages of ‘Pipelines Network Program’. If farmers get determined and willing to implement this program, political leaders will also include this important point in their election propaganda.
In 2012 in Gujarat assembly election, one political party noticed that there were many homeless people in the state. People demanded that each family should have a house of its own to live in. Considering this demand of the people, the political party announced to launch a scheme in which they promised to construct 50 lac houses for the people who didn’t have a house of their own to live in. This scheme was made the focus of their election propaganda. People, who wanted to purchase a house, had to fill up forms. They stood in long queues to acquire these forms. After the election results were declared, the government immediately started constructing houses in large numbers to cope up with the people’s demand. Similarly farmers should voice their demand that all the dams should be connected with one another by means of a network of pipelines and all the farmers should adopt Drip Irrigation Method in their farms. If people present this demand in a proper way, the government will certainly agree to launch this project. It will hugely increase the agricultural production of the state; it will strengthen the economy of the state. Other states of the nation will acquire motivation from Gujarat. Gujarat will be honoured as a model of efficient water management and it will be the centre of the discussion going on across the whole nation. Very handsome job opportunities will be generated for the future generations. We will regain our green heritage. But for that we must continue presenting the demand for this program at proper places.