Please throw light on the program-Burning the devil of female foeticide.


            In 2007 a very grand and huge program was organized in Saurashtra in order to launch the ‘Save Water’ campaign and ‘Save the Girl Child’ campaign. We made a plan to eradicate the devilish thought of female foeticide from the minds of the people. According to that plan we decided that one day before the scheduled date of the program all the people of the village should gather together. They should be persuaded to take an oath to put a full stop to female foeticide. A statue of a giant was made from hay. We decided to burn that statue. The statue symbolized the devilish custom of female foeticide and as we wanted to abolish the evil, we appealed to all the people of the village to attend the program organized by Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust with a statue of the giant symbolizing the devilish custom of female foericide. Our target was to burn a large number of statues and this burning was a symbol of the collective decision of all the village people to abolish the evil thought of female foeticide not only from the village but also from the minds of each and every villager. People from a large number of villages attended the program with a statue of the giant. In Devalia village of Umrala taluka a very huge statue of the giant was made and it was surrounded by many big statues of giants brought by the people of the surrounding villages. All the people present in the program took an oath-“We will never support female foeticide and we will also stop others from committing the sin.”

            Then a large number of statues of giants were burnt. This program was hugely successful in bringing an awakening among the people. The respected chief minister and other leading persons explained to the people the devilish nature of the custom of female foeticide. This is how a very sincere and successful effort was made to awaken the people towards the reality that female foeticide is an unpardonable blemish and it must be rooted out from the society.