In 2008 2 lakh daughters from Surat wrote letters explaining the evils of female foeticide and appealing to eradicate the evil. Can you throw some light on the program?


            A variety of programs and activities were necessary to root out the evil of female foeticide from the society. One of these various programs was that girls themselves should make an earnest appeal to the society to eradicate the evil of female foeticide. In 2008, 2 lakh girls studying in 226 schools of Surat wrote such letters in a short period of 12 minutes to 18000 villages of Gujarat. Averagely 10 letters were sent to every village. PUJARIS of temples, school teachers, co-operative societies, SAKHI MANDALS, panchayat office, milk society, etc. were sent these letters. At 12.15 PM, 2 lakh daughters started writing letters and in 12 minute’s time 2 lakh letters were written. The letter said, “As a daughter of Surat I am making an appeal to you through this letter to bring all the village people together and to give them proper information about the ‘Save Girl Child’ campaign. You should keep a little water from your village in a pitcher-KALASH- and appeal to the people to take an oath in the presence of that KALASH- ‘Each and every family should be blessed with a daughter. We will develop an equal attitude to both boys and girls and the evil custom of female foeticide will be eradicated from the village.’ Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust is planning to start a SARVE SAMAJ BETI BACHAO YATRA from Surat to Somnath. We appeal to you to dedicate your SHAPATH KALASH to the YATRA.” This is how we must make efforts to abolish the evil of female foeticide. These emotional letters reached all the villages and touched the hearts of the people. People started taking an oath in the presence of that pious SHAPATH KALASH that they will abolish the evil of female foeticide and they will develop an attitude of equality to boys and girls. All these sincere efforts were successful in awakening the people of Gujarat to the urgent need to put a full stop to the evil of female foeticide.