Please throw some light on how SARVE SAMAJ BETI BACHAO YATRA from Surat to Somnath was planned.


            The aim of the Yatra was to abolish the evil of female foeticide from the whole of Gujarat and the whole of the nation. This campaign was a wonderfully unique endeavor to raise awareness that female foeticide was an evil . People of 12000 villages of Gujarat and 22 states stay in Surat. So the message of the people dwelling in Surat easily and quickly travels across the whole nation.

            Leading persons from other states residing in Surat also joined in the Yatra. 300 four wheelers were decorated with the message-BETI BACHAO. 1000 male and female leaders joined in this Yatra. In the front part of the Yatra there was kept the BETI BACHAO CHARIOT. On the 31st October 2008 the then chief minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Yatra. Shri Narendra Modi also remained present in the program organized in Ahmedabad. The Yatra received a grand welcome in all the villages, towns and cities located in the root of the Yatra. People of various communities staying in the surrounding villages of the place where a meeting was organized remained present in large numbers. Each program was attended by SANTs and MAHANTs, political leaders, social leaders and doctors. Unions of each and every community and caste and officials working in various departments of government also remained present in the program organized during the Yatra. In every meeting an oath was taken by the people that they would make dedicated efforts to stop female foeticide and to root out the evil from the society. Men and women unanimously took the vow-‘We will never do female foeticide; every family will be blessed with a daughter; we will develop an attitude of equality to both the son and the daughter and we will educate our daughters and thus make them strong.’

            Doctors attending the program also took an oath never to encourage or support or get involved in the evil custom of female foeticide. In response to the letters of appeal written by daughters dwelling in 18000 villages of Gujarat, people of those villages dedicated their SHAPATH KALASH to the Yatra. The Yatra started from Surat and proceeded through South Gujarat, Ahmedabad, North Gujarat, Mehsana, Patan, Surendranagar, Rajkot, Gondal, Junagadh and reached Somnath on the eighth day. All the people participating in the Yatra visited the historical temple of Somnath to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Then a very huge meeting was planned. At the end of the meeting all the persons went to the sea shore with their SHAPATH KALASH filled with the water of their village. They poured that pious and precious water into the sea. While pouring the pious water into the sea, they had a very noble feeling in their heart that each and every drop of that SHAPATH water will convey the message of BETI BACHAO to each and every citizen of India, to each and every corner of India. This act would result in the eradication of the evil of female foeticide and developing an attitude of equality to both the boys and the girls. This Yatra brought awareness about the BETI BACHAO campaign. It heightened the people’s awareness about the importance of BETI BACHAO campaign. It made them realize that all the aware and awakened citizens of the country will have to make untiring efforts to support and strengthen BETI BACHAO campaign because female foeticide is an unpardonable blemish. It has very negative and evil effect on the harmony and equilibrium of the society. So it is the duty of each and every person to help, support and motivate this campaign.