People want a daughter in law but they don’t want a daughter. What efforts can be made to change this mindset?

            Every family is concerned about the continuation of the family generation. They are worried about the marriage of their boy so that he may continue the family generation. So they are very eager and anxious to get their son married. So they want a daughter-in-law but they don’t want a daughter. A boy will carry on the family generation, he will be an earning member of the family, he will be the support of his parents in their old age and he will perform the last cremation ceremony of his parents. Man is still not free from this old mindset. His mind is still filled with these old and false beliefs. This mindset is responsible for the gender based discrimination. People have not yet been cured of this sickness of discrimination between son and daughter. Everyone gives more importance to the son. If a girl is born, his sorrow knows no bounds. A number of doubts and a lot of worries arise in his mind-

  • Will my daughter get a proper husband and good in-laws?
  • I can’t keep my daughter with me when she grows up.
  • A daughter can’t carry on the family generation.
  • A daughter can’t stay with us for good. She has to go to her husband’s family.
  • A lot of money has to be spent for her dowry.
  • From the birth of a daughter to her death many ceremonies demand a great amount of money. All the rituals and customs that have to be followed demand a lot of money.
  • At the time of the marriage of the daughter’s children, parents have to spend a lot of money to follow the tradition of giving MAME
  • On each and every festival, parents have to send many gifts to their married daughter.
  • Even at the time of the daughter’s death her parents or her brothers have to spend a lot of money to perform the last funeral ceremon

            All these customs and traditions are very expensive to follow. They put the daughter’s parents to great trouble and unbearable expenses. Hence there is a strong boy preference in almost all parts of the country. So we should aim at eradicating all these useless, expensive customs that lead the parents to a strong boy preference. Customs and traditions that plunge a daughter’s parents in great expenses and even get them in debt must be uprooted from the society. A family having more daughters is often cursed with a number of debts. Hence a very strong boy preference can be seen in the society. If we want to create an atmosphere of equality for the boy and the girl, if we want to end the gender based discrimination, we must eradicate all those useless, expensive customs. It is only then that the parents of a daughter will not have to meet very great expenses and they will not be compelled to incur a debt. This will encourage the parents to welcome and celebrate the birth of a girl with joy. We will have to educate the daughter to make her strong and powerful. Collective and convergent efforts are needed to ensure survival, protection and education of a girl child to help her realize her full potential. Today a woman can be a scientist, she can discharge very important duties as a business lady and she is able to earn equal money. The government and the society need to put combined efforts to ensure that a girl is strong and efficient enough to do every kind of work. Only then each and every family will feel blessed at the birth of a daughter and an atmosphere of equality for the boy and the girl will be created. To achieve this noble and important target the government, all the religious organizations, social organizations and wise and aware citizens of the country will have to make sincere efforts.