What kind of questions arises when the birth rate of girls is significantly lower than the birth rate of boys?


            Many young boys do not get a proper life partner. Many times the family, anxious to get a daughter-in-law gets ready to give their own daughter in marriage to that family which is ready to give their daughter in marriage. Many times it possibly happens that the boy’s sister doesn’t get a life-partner of her own choice. Her marriage life is full of tension and struggle. She is not at all happily married. This life, full of compromises and dissatisfaction, very often ends in a divorce. The divorce of the sister leads to the divorce of the brother also. A large number of divorces take place in society.

            Another evil that arises from this gender-imbalance is that a girl belonging to a poor and suppressed family becomes a victim. Some agents entice the poor family with money and they get ready to give away their daughter in marriage. Such marriages often end in a divorce. If a poor girl becomes a daughter-in- law of a rich, well to do family, it is well and good. But the unmarried son of the poor family doesn’t get a spouse. Generally in poor families 1000 girls are born against 1000 boys. Generally the evil of female foeticide is not prevalent among the poor. But girls born in these poor families get married to rich boys as it is the business of some agents. Its outcome is that bachelor boys of the poor class find it more difficult to get life- partners. Educated and well to do parents resort to sex selective abortion of female foetus and marry their sons to girls belonging to the poor families. This situation gives rise to a series of evils. Bachelor boys belonging to the poor families fail to get life-partners. Some of these poor bachelors stray to the evil path of sin and crime.