Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust was founded with the main aim of spreading awareness among common people about the benefits, know-how and implementation of water conservation and recharge by building check dams. This was done by conducting village level meetings, showing video cassettes of Khopala and Rajsamadhiala and arranging padyatra through villages. Since then, the trust has increased its scope of activities and has been an active facilitator in the actual process of building a check dam. The trust has continued to be the voice of spreading the message in the villages; has continued awareness programs in the villages of North Gujarat and Saurashtra where check dams are yet to be implemented. Another padyatra was undertaken from Talgajarada to Porbander, for 350 kms, covering 6 districts in 2001. In all 1,500 village meetings have been organized by the trust under awareness program.