Inspiring Events

Inspiring Events as Mathurbhai Shared

During January 2000,1 visited Vekalia and soon after my address to a large crowd, the village residents announced building check dams. An old widow came up to the stage and said that I have saved 70,000 rupees from my lifelong earning. I would like to donate 61,000 rupees for the check dams

Jivanbhai Chamar (belong to tanner community) visited my office at Surat along with his mother and informed me that his father was migrated to Surat 60 years ago but their native is in Saurashtra. He was inspired with the check dams and green revolution that was brought to his native village. Jivanbhai earns his living with removal of dead animals. He donated 6,100 rupees to the Trust.

I visited Canadipura of Junagadh district for awareness spreading meeting. I told them that building check dam is possible only with the participation of all the communities and it could be an indicator of communal harmony. One of the Muslims, Noor Mohammedbhai, who was present in the meeting, was motivated and donated 25,000 rupees for check dams in the village.

I addressed meeting at Godhavata village of Dhandhuka taluka for building check dams. One of the women, Rambhaben Sonani removed her bangles and sent to me that she has donated them for the check dams. SJT thus has gold jewellery worth 300 gms, donated by several women from different parts of Gujarat.