1. What efforts has man been making to get water for centuries?

1Life is not possible without water. Long long ago, people used to wander from place to place in search of water. At night they would stay on the river bank and if the place was convenient, they would extend their stay over there. They would survive on fruits and leaves in the forest and get fresh water from the river. Such was the life they lived. As time rolled by, small “NESADAS” started dwelling on the bank of the river. Obtaining water from the huge pools of water with the help of simple means designed from wood and leather, they started farming on a very small scale. The kings concerned about the well- being of their people got wells dug and got the farmers to do farming. Those who were able to do farming became farmers. Modern methods of obtaining water from the land were invented; “KOS” were designed and some uneven farms were leveled. The farmers could get some smooth and even fields fit for farming. This is how they were in a position to start farming. They irrigated their farms with the help of “KOS”. This was the beginning of rural development. Kings got a number of wells dug on the village boundary (“PADAR”). On the “KEDA” leading from one village to another, the wealthy people (“NAGAR SETH”) got many “VAVS” dug. Travellers could get water from these VAVS and quench their thirst. Villages having a bigger population built ponds. In those days not a single thing was planned that could possibly disturb or upset Nature’s harmony or arrangement.