5. You are in the diamond business. How did you think of embarking on the Water –Revolution Project?

5I love to live in a village. I would always spend my Diwali vacation in the village. What did I watch in the village? I watched KOS being used in our fields; diesel-engines and submersible water-pumps were used to draw water from the land. As time rolled by, underground water was growing less day by day. The land dried up and no greenery was seen. Fields were no better than dry and parched deserts! Such an unfortunate scene filled my heart with sorrow as it was totally different from the luxurious scene of abundant fertility and greenery that I had seen in my childhood. In my childhood I had seen wells full of water and the green land looking beautiful with rich crops. How sad! I craved to revive those days of greenery and freshness. Now the solitary focus of my thoughts was-“How   to revive those days of greenery and freshness?”

            Being involved in the diamond business, I had to pay frequent visits to countries like Belgium and Israel. Israel and India got independent almost at the same time. Israel was previously a desert. It was due to its efficient and able water-management that it became a green land. What Israel achieved can be achieved by our country also. Can’t we bring a green revolution in our country through efficient water-management? Who can launch and successfully complete this project? I believed that this project could be launched and completed successfully by saints and religious gurus- MAHANTS. I met them. They assured me that their blessings were always with us but the project of Water-Revolution must be carried out by the people themselves. Once again the Project became the focus of all my thoughts.