6. What efforts did you make for the development of the very important project of Water-Revolution?

6Many a time a thought came to my mind that as I was involved in the diamond business, people would not pay serious and sufficient attention to my views on Water-management as well as Water-Revolution. Nor will they have absolute faith in my words. How can I gain their faith and confidence? I thought over it for a long time and the conclusion I arrived at was that if I wanted to acquire a right to convey my ideas to the people and if I wanted them to have faith  in my words, I should turn my own village, Khopala, into a Model of  the Water-Revolution Project. My own village should be an ideal village efficiently and successfully carrying the project through to completion. If my own village is successful in the project, I will automatically acquire a moral right to express my views on the important project of water storage, water management and water revolution to the villagers as well as to the Government. Not only that…I will also acquire the strength to embark on the project. Only then people will trust me; appreciate my vision and give their whole-hearted support to my efforts to bring Water-Revolution. So we determined to design a water-storage model in our own village Khopala with the co-operation of the villagers.