11. What was the response given to “Sardar Sahabhagi Jalsanchay Yojana” by the village people?

11Villagers who were alert enough to realize the importance of water storage were willing to take the benefit of “Sardar Sahabhagi Jalsanchay Yojna”. The government made efforts to see to it that the scheme should be executed in a proper way. Village people had to contribute 40% of total funds required for the Project. To collect these funds, each and every farmer gave money in proportion to the number of VINGHAS they owned. Village people who had their business outside the village contributed their share in proportion to their financial capacity. All the shop-keepers of the village gave their monetary contribution. In this way village people could collect 20-25% of their contribution. The farmers collected the remaining 20% contribution by using their tractors and by working. Farmers gave the remaining 20% of their expected contribution in the form of labour. In this way the village committee arranged for their 40% share; the government contributed 60% share. This is how the Project was made successful.