12. It is a very challenging job to unite all the people. How did you persuade the people of so many villages to get united?

12India is a country of villages. An altogether different viewpoint has to be adopted in order to unify all the villages. Generally a village is divided in two political groups, different caste-groups and different religious groups. If in some village all the people belong to one community, it may be divided into groups formed on the basis of surname. We brought together all the people belonging to these various groups. We also called those people who had settled in some other place for business purpose. Then we narrated to them all the benefits of a water storage scheme acquired by some other villages. In this way we tried to make them realize the importance of water storage and then we reminded them that it was the duty of the people of the village itself to launch a similar water project in the village. We tried to motivate them by informing them about a large number of benefits of the water storage project in the following way:

            If we launch water storage activities, our agricultural produce will be multiplied. Labourers will be able to earn better wages. Small shop-keepers’ business will thrive. Water level in the wells will come up and the quality of water will be better. No longer will the people experience a shortage of pure drinking water. The village will regain its green heritage and a green and healthy environment. If you want to make your village a rich and green village, all the villagers must uproot the feelings of revenge or enmity from their hearts. You must get rid of old superstitions, you must have respect for one another and thereby a friendly environment should be generated in the village so that people of all the groups should come close to one another and respect one another. A committee of 21 members should be formed and these members should be selected from the groups and classes having a good image in the village. All the 21 members should conceive a broad vision. They should be determined to make their village rich and green. In order to complete this project efficiently and successfully, they must create a friendly positive atmosphere in the village so that the project work should not come to a pause. They should leave no stone unturned to inspire and advise all the people belonging to all the various groups that an atmosphere of unity, harmony and co-operation must be created in the village. People having their base in the village but settled in cities for business must be contacted and convinced to join in the water storage project. Such people being financially sound can give a huge monetary contribution to carry the project through to completion. We already have many examples of such people who have extended their great help and co-operation to their native village so that such projects can be launched and completed successfully.