14. How can one keep away from the people who try to prevent the progress of the village by their senseless imaginary talk?

14An atmosphere of unity and trust is necessary for the success of any development work. Immature and unwise people are always inclined to create a negative environment of distrust and disharmony by pressing charges of corruption against those who are involved in the Project. Village people should be alert to the evil intentions of such people. I will narrate my own experience to you. In a village a very proper environment for water storage was created and the project of water storage was in progress. When the project was in full swing, an insensible and immature person created an imaginary misunderstanding in the village as he had some personal grudge against his neighbour who was one of the 21 committee members. Moreover he was involved in the village development activities and working with dedication and sincerity. But this unwise person was haunted by one doubt that his neighbour would steal some cement bags for his personal profit. One night he went to sleep with these imaginary doubts and fears in his mind. An “imaginary scene of cement being stolen” was conceived in his mind. Next morning he was ready with a vivid but false story of his neighbour’s corruption. He said to the villagers: “Did you hear the news?”

People said “No”.

“You don’t know anything?!”

“Well we will come to know if you tell us something.”

“My neighbour is a member of the village committee. Last night at 1 o’ clock a cement tempo arrived at his gate. I heard the tempo being unloaded and the sound continued at least for one hour. It clearly indicates that not less than 200 cement bags were unloaded from the tempo.”

The villagers were shocked to hear this story of corruption and cried, “200 cement bags were stolen?!”

“Yes it is absolutely true. Now we all together should spread the news of his dishonesty and corruption in the whole village.”

            This news reached me also. I tried to contact other members of the village committee and asked them if a cement tempo had arrived at the gate of that member of the village committee who was being accused of corruption. Their reply was as follows:

            “No, not a single tempo loaded with cement bags has come into the village. Actually at present digging work is in progress, so we have not ordered any cement yet. Our friend has been hurt by this false charge and his family is also hurt. His family members are trying to persuade him to leave the committee and he is on the verge of resigning his post.” I persuaded all the committee members that they should not feel hurt and humiliated by the false accusations of such insensible and immature people. The whole village was willing to stand by them and to have absolute faith in their honesty. Clearing the hindrances created by such insensible persons, I was successful in maintaining an atmosphere of unity, harmony and faith. As a result the water storage project could be completed efficiently and successfully in the village.