15. What type of maturity and understanding should village committee members develop?

15Friends, in each and every village there are some people who are willing to work for the well being and the development of their village. And there are some people who are willing to hurt or harm others and hinder the progress of their own village. If the number of good people is greater than the number of evil people, the evil people will not succeed in their evil intentions. Village committee members should be determined to tide over such small difficulties. No work no hardships. But if you are doing some positive work, you have to be prepared to face such problems. If you have shouldered the responsibility of serving your village, you have to be prepared to face any difficulty and solve it with competence and confidence. There should be an atmosphere of mutual trust and harmony in the village. For this you should be very careful in speaking your words. I myself am very particular about the words I speak: “I am doing this work” should be replaced by “We are doing this work together.” The word WE has a unifying effect in it.

            The village committee should form various committees so that various aspects of the project should be taken care of by various committees as follows:-

  • A committee to purchase necessary materials for the project.
  • A committee to co-ordinate with the government.
  • A committee to co-ordinate with the people settled outside the village.
  • A committee to decide the proper location where ponds and check-dams should be constructed.
  • A committee to take care of the quality of the work being done.
  • A committee to maintain an atmosphere of compromise and harmony.
  • A committee to keep accounts with total integrity and look into the financial aspects of the project.

            The members of all these committees should feel proud of their work, thinking that God has chosen them to execute this important project which is sure to lead their village to prosperity and happiness. The project will have a lot of positive effects:

  • Water level in the wells of the village will come up.
  • Farmers will get better and richer crops and will be in a position to spend money for the education of their children.
  • If any of the family members is sick and is in need of medical treatment, the farmer will have sufficient funds to get him proper treatment.
  • The farmer will have sufficient money to satisfy his dear daughter’s demands.
  • The standard of living will come up.
  • Village people will get pure drinking water.
  • Their village will regain its green heritage and in these green fields and maidans birds will be singing sweet songs.

            In a nutshell this all-round development of the village will make it a very happy and green village. It will be in a position to give its invaluable contribution to the progress and development of the whole nation and to increase the honour and fame of the nation in the whole world. The nation’s economy will be better and stronger, so each and every citizen of the nation will be able to earn his living. The nation will acquire greater fame and honour. The village will feel proud that it has given its contribution in the development of the nation and village people will think that they are fortunate to get a precious opportunity to be a part of such a precious project.