17. Why did Param Pujya Morari Bapu prefer to take bath in the check-dam constructed by the farmers?

17The news of the water storage project should spread to every nook and corner of the nation and a large number of programs were needed to spread this news far and wide. Good speakers should give impressive and effective lectures explaining all the aspects of the water storage project and should make the people realize the importance of water storage. Village people should get united in order to launch the water storage project in their village. It was desirable and necessary to invite Saints and Mahants in these programs so that people should be blessed with confidence and courage to speed up water storage activities. Param Pujya Morari Bapu graced many programs which were organized to promote the water storage project and blessed the people with strength and determination to launch and complete the project.

            In 1999 a big conference was organized in Gadhada to promote the project and the conference was graced by the divine presence of Param Pujya Morari Bapu. Addressing the conference Morari Bapu said, “I will call this water storage project ‘Save Water Mahayagya’. But in this yagya no other altar is required. Ponds and check-dams are the altars in this yagya; the broad vision of the organizers determined to execute the project is as divine as the chanting of ‘Om’ and farmers are offering their hard tireless labour on the altars of this yagya.” Morari Bapu prayed to God that these ponds and check-dams should be filled with water when it rains for the first time. Shri Morari Bapu also said, “This year before I take bath in the Kumbh Mela I would like to take bath in the check-dams and ponds of the water storage project. Shri Morari Bapu kept his word and in 2000 he took a holy bath in Dudhiba pond in Vikalia of Gadhada taluka.

            Similarly Swami Satchitanandji Maharaj also graced a number of such programs with his presence. He also remained present in a meeting held in Nondhanvadar during our march from Bhimdad to Bhadrod. In his speech he motivated the village people beautifully. He said, “Just as Gandhiji’s Dandi march has been recorded in the pages of India’s history, this march will never fade out of the people’s memory.” Swamiji’s thoughts and words have always given strength and motivation to the people actively involved in these social activities. Moreover Shri Rameshbhai Oza, Shri Shastri Madhav Priyadas Swami and a number of Saints, Mahants remained present in such programs. Generally all the people have respect for Saints and Mahants. They are always blessed with strength and motivation by the presence and guidance of these honourable Saints and Mahants. It is with their blessings alone that the water storage project has progressed towards completion.