Information About Work Done By “SAURASHTRA JALDHARA TRUST”

  1. Explain which type of planning help for permanent solution of water problem across the whole country?
  2. What efforts has man been making to get water for centuries?.
  3. How did the farmers obtain water from the land in the pre-independence era- i.e. 66 years ago?
  4. What efforts did the villagers make to get water after the country became free?
  5. People drew a lot of water from the land, what was its ultimate result?
  6. You are in the diamond business. How did you think of embarking on the Water –Revolution Project?
  7. What efforts did you make for the development of the very important project of Water-Revolution?
  8. How did you bring all the villagers together in order to make Khopala the best Model –village of water-storage project?
  9. What efforts did you make to spread the news of this wonderful water storage project all over Gujarat?
  10. How did you explain the ‘situation of water’ to the people in the meetings held during the march?
  11. What efforts were made to get water-storage schemes launched so that the village-committees of water-storage project might get strength and motivation to proceed ahead?
  12. “What was the response given to “Sardar Sahabhagi Jalsanchay Yojana” by the village people?
  13. It is a very challenging job to unite all the people. How did you persuade the people of so many villages to get united?
  14. should the villagers co-operate with the Water Storage Village Committee?
  15. How can one keep away from the people who try to prevent the progress of the village by their senseless imaginary talk?
  16. What type of maturity and understanding should village committee members develop?
  17. Could you provide us detailed guidelines about how water storage activities should be done according to the different geographical conditions of the land?
  18. Why did Param Pujya Morari Bapu prefer to take bath in the check-dam constructed by the farmers?
  19. What did the chief minister Shri Keshubhai Patel and Param Pujya Morari Bapu say to promote the water storage project?
  20. What did Param Pujya Morari Bapu say to motivate and bless the people who were about to start their march from Tal Gajarada, Morari Bapu’s village to Gandhiji’s birth place Porbandar?
  21. Who were the persons participating in a 20 days march from Tal Gajarada to Porbandar?
  22. Which type of response received from people in Tal Gajarada to Porbandar march?
  23. Mathurbhai, how did you manage to co-ordinate all the people and meet them despite your very busy schedule?
  24. How much speed did the water preservation mission gather after the yatra across Saurashtra was over? What did the people start discussing?
  25. What type of literature did you prepare to propagate the news of the Water Preservation Project far and wide?
  26. You always talked about the Water Preservation Project in dialectal rural language. May a time I observed the people listening to your speech with full concentration and curiosity. Kindly narrate the points or issues being discussed in the meeting.
  27. Thousands of people were actively involved in the Water Preservation Project. How did you involve these people in this ambitious and important project?
  28. How much financial contribution was made by the village people settled in cities for The Water Conservation Project?
  29. What are the factors that damage check-dams and ponds of The Water Conservation Project? Give its detailed information.
  30. સDoes the Trust encourage and motivate all those farmers who are aware and alert?
  31. How much land of various types is there in Gujarat?
  32. You held many meetings to awake the farmers to the benefits of Drip Irrigation Method. How did you bring this awareness in them?
33. What are the benefits of Drip Irrigation Method in agriculture?
34. In how many hectares of arable land in Gujarat is Drip Irrigation Method adopted?
35. What type of co-operation was given by Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust to Water Conservation Village Committees?
36. How were the JCB machines of Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust given to the village people?
37. For 13 years Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust gave JCB machines to village committees and farmers for constructing check-dams and ponds. Evaluate this help in terms of rupees.
38.Water conservation activities were accomplished on a massive scale between 1995 and 2014. Every village acquired a great rise in its agricultural production. Has this increased production generated job opportunities?
39.Some non-farmers believe that only farmers can benefit from The Water Conservation Project . What are your views on this point?
40. Many tribal people [ADIVASI] have started doing farming on a very large scale. What is its reason? What change has taken place in the life of an adivasi?
41. The Water Conservation Project enormously increased the total agricultural production. Did it stop pouring of people from rural areas to urban areas?
42. As you say, agriculture generates job opportunities in a variety of fields. But can you list all the job opportunities generated by any one particular agricultural product?
43. Water Conservation Program increased the income of the village people. Could basic welfare activities be performed by peopleӳ partnership alone?
44. Was there a rise in the production of milk when water conservation solution was found and implemented?
45. Did agricultural production play any role in the increasing prices of farmersҠland?
46. Water Conservation Project played an important role in increasing the agricultural production which led to rural development. How did it benefit the government?
47. If a water conservation village committee has been formed in a village, has that committee accomplished other rural welfare activities?
48. What type of understanding should the village people cultivate in order to maintain check-dams, ponds and farm-ponds?
49. What are the disadvantages of very deep and useless bore-well?
50. Does the water conservation village committee try to plant trees?
51. How can a modern progressive farmer be more beneficial to the people?
52. What role should the village people play in motivating the leading persons of the village to work for rural development?
53. Ladies also remain present in your meetings along with men. How is the presence of ladies beneficial to this mission?
54. Rivers of the country have been polluted. Is it possible to purify them?
55. Do you think that it is possible to interlink all the rivers of the country?
56. Why did you decide to do the җonderful MahayagyaҠconnecting all the villages of Saurashtra in the drought of 2012?
57. ‘Narmada Jal Car YatraҠstarted from Surat. How was it related to Ҏarmada Jal Avtaran Mahayagyaҿ
58. What reply did Shri Narendra Modi give in ԓaurashtra Narmada Jal Avtaran Jan Jagruti MahayagyaԠin 2012?
59. Can we conserve water if we use high quality seeds that ensure faster growth of crop?
60. How much rise can be noticed in domestic water-consumption?
61. Gujarat has 96 lac hectares of arable land. Is it possible to get all the 3 crops in the 3 seasons of the year by adopting the scientific method of irrigation?
62. What should the people do to start discussions about the ‘Pipelines Network Program’?