52. Ladies also remain present in your meetings along with men. How is the presence of ladies beneficial to this mission?


The contribution of women is enormous in agriculture. In many villages, ladies’ society (MAHILA MANDAL) such as GOPI MANDAL, SAKHI MANDAL are active.

In Derdi village of Gondal taluka, all the female members of GOPI MANDAL planned a religious SAPTAH in order to collect money for constructing a pond. Along with a religious program they tried to solve the problem of water stress. Many old ladies contributed from their personal savings. In Vikalia village of Gadhada taluka, Dudhiba and Ambaba donated a very big amount to the village committee. The village has ponds in their names. In our march (YATRA) from Bhimdad to Bhadrod, Principal Premilaben of Bhavnagar Mahila College and 50 girl students joined in the YATRA. Thus in each and every field ladies play a very important and leading role. They listen to lectures very carefully and attentively in the village meetings and try to implement the useful ideas in their personal day to day life. They have come to realize that the male members of the family should play their role in rural development. If man is not ready to play his role in the collective responsibility of rural development, ladies of the family strive to persuade him that their family should get involved in the activities of rural development with dedication and give every kind of contribution.

In some homes, family finances are managed by women. Women, attending such meetings, listen to the talks about the development of their village. When these ladies come in contact with one another, they discuss the important issue of village development among themselves. They meet one another at different places such as a temple, a flour mill or the well of the village. Here they discuss among themselves the benefits of rural development. This is how all the ladies of the village become aware of various schemes of rural development. The whole village gets prepared to give their support and help for the fulfillment of rural development schemes. These feelings of togetherness and co-operation give a marvellous boost to the strength of the leading persons of the village. That is the benefit which is acquired if all the ladies attend the meeting in which important issues such as water conservation activities, Drip Irrigation Method are discussed in detail. As village people attend such meetings in large numbers, a positive attitude towards this water conservation mission is cultivated. So ladies must join in each and every mission launched for the development of the village. Today a woman is not supposed to live behind the four walls of the house. She is not supposed to be a QUEEN OF THE KITCHEN only. She has to get rid of all these old traditions; she has to cross the threshold of her house and she has to play an equally important role in the development of the village as well as the whole nation.