57. What reply did Shri Narendra Modi give in “Saurashtra Narmada Jal Avtaran Jan Jagruti Mahayagya” in 2012?


Shri Narendra Modi open heartedly uttered these words in his speech-

“How can we usher in a social revolution? Its best living example has been given by Shri Mathurbhai and his friends and all my dear brothers and sisters who have gathered in this program. Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust has been doing the service of mankind for 2 decades. They have been doing innumerable welfare activities in a spirit of selfless dedication and enthusiasm. They have been doing this YAGYA of service of mankind for 2 decades. All the people of the society joined them in this YAGYA as they had absolute faith in the selfless motives of the Trust. If this Trust, this NGO, had a crowd of English speaking persons with them, and if it had got more funds from abroad, and if it had opposed the Narmada dam, it would have gained worldwide reputation; it would have got very wide media coverage. If you are against the Narmada dam, your name will be in the headlines of the newspapers, but if you are willing to favour and support the Narmada dam, you will be condemned and criticized! I am openly telling those five-star activists of the world that they should follow the path taken by Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust. That is the only way they can serve mankind. Only then they can give their contribution in the welfare and development of the nation and of the world. Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust is doing what our political leaders could not do. My dear brothers and sisters, what would have been water status, if these people had not made tireless efforts to accomplish the Water Conservation Mission? They saved us from the problem of water stress. What has not been accomplished by our political leaders has been accomplished by these social workers. A true Gujarati is never self centered. He will never place self interest before service. He is always willing to offer service to others without any thought whatsoever of reward or self glorification. He devotes his life to selfless service of mankind, and he is concerned for the welfare of the coming generations. A true Gujarati dedicates his life to the progress and prosperity of the future generation also. My brothers and sisters, I have been a witness of various YAGYAs-

  • A YAGYA for making a fortune
  • A YAGYA for repenting for sins
  • A YAGYA for creating a good image in the society

But this is the real YAGYA done for the welfare of the people, for the service of mankind. Lacs of people have gathered here to take a firm vow that they will offer service to society, that they will strive to do good to others, that they will get involved in welfare activities. Friends, spread the news of this noble event all over the country. This Mahayagya of selfless service of mankind will surely motivate the people of the whole nation to offer their service to society and to the country. It will create awareness among the people of the country that it is their duty to work for the progress and prosperity, welfare and well-being of the society. It is a moral duty of each and every citizen of India to conserve water and to motivate others to make his contribution in the Water Conservation Project. Water is God’s gift to us. Water is everyone’s need, water conservation is everyone’s responsibility. So people belonging to different castes, religions and different political parties should put collective efforts to accomplish the Project successfully. Brothers and sisters, today innumerable people have gathered here in this scorching heat to discuss and think about the welfare of the future generations. This is not a small or common incident. The farmer who may not be able to read the word ‘environment’ has come here as he is concerned about the environment that the future generations will live in. This is the strength of the society and it is this strength that can change the society and bring a revolution. It is my appeal to all the political parties and all my media persons that the credit of this hugely successful program does not go to the government. It is merely an expression of the strength of the society, the power of the people. We all bow our heads with respect to all these selfless, dedicated and strong persons.”