Is female foeticide the only responsible factor for gender imbalance in India or are there some other factors which are also responsible?


The law of nature says that 1000 girls should be born for every 1000 boys. But unfortunately we can notice a great sex ratio imbalance. Sex ratio imbalance is on the rise. What factors lead to the birth of a significantly greater number of boys than girls? The birth rate of girls is continuously on the decline. The society’s male dominating mindset is responsible for it. Its main two reasons are as follows:

  • Female foeticide
  • If a family has the first male child, the mother immediately thinks of the family planning   operation.

            If a woman gives birth to two male children,she immediately goes for the family planning operation without waiting for the third child which may possibly be a girl. While in their neighbor’s family if the first two children are girls, she surely expects to give birth to the third child which is a boy. These two families have thus three male children and two female children. This is how the birth rate of girls goes on declining.

            If a family has been blessed with two female children, the mother resorts to pre-natal sex detection technology and if the sonography report says that a girl is to be born, they go for an abortion. The family as well as the parents is responsible for female foeticide. But the doctor is equally responsible for this sex selective abortion. A doctor is regarded as and respected as an educated person of society. Female foeticide is an unpardonable evil or blemish. If there are 1000 females and 1000 males, everyone will be in a position to get a life partner. It will give rise to a happy and healthy social environment. When man tries to upset this harmonious arrangement of Nature, he gives rise to a number of problems. Today there are lakhs of boys who are waiting to get their life partners. A mother is worried and sad as she is not getting a proper life-partner for her son. A sister is concerned about the marriage of her dear brother. The boy himself is frustrated as he is not getting a spouse. This situation can give rise to a number of evils. The bachelor boy’s unsatisfied lust may lure him to unpardonable sins. Such incidents and crimes spoil the healthy environment of the society. Both the citizens of the nation and the government are worried about it. Unmarried boys are frustrated. Some of them are not strong enough to control their lust and violate the moral principles, giving rise to evils like rape and other crimes. These sins are shameful blemishes for mankind. A balance between the number of boys and the number of girls should be maintained because when gender balance is disturbed, a number of social problems crop up. We have to put a full stop to female foeticide in order to get rid of these social problems. We must cultivate an attitude of equality both to boys and girls. In European countries both males and females have similar duties to perform. But being equal to their male counterpart is still a far cry for Indian women. We must promote gender equality in all spheres of the society. We should develop a mature understanding in the people that 1000 females should be born against 1000 males. Attitudes about the superiority of men and the inferiority of women at the household and family level should be changed. Rather than being equal partner men are still widely considered the head of the household with superior status, greater rights and greater freedom. We should try to get rid of this mental attitude.